Maggie de Pree | Co-Founder & Director, League of Intrapreneurs

"Michel brings an incredible depth and breadth of experience to help shape engagements that are heartfelt and impactful. He draws on surprising and fresh influences from fields such as innovation, governance, community building and even dance! Michel is incredibly creative, has very high standards and pays close attention to detail, so I trust that he will continue helping us deliver high quality outputs and experiences that really push the boundaries on what is possible"

Teo Iordache | Global Head of People Development, WWF International

"I worked with Michel to ignite a global movement within WWF towards a culture of deep listening, open collaboration and fearless innovation. 

I gave him the informal title "Chief Mischief", which captures well his ability to challenge the status quo, to not take things at face value and, most importantly, to hold others compassionately as they travel to places they would otherwise fear to explore. 

Changing culture takes time and many types of interventions. Michel's versatility with different mediums, formats, crowd sizes, rhythms and his unwavering commitment to our shared intention made him a formidable long term partner. 

His ability to sense into social systems and to be present with people where they are - a bit like that of a guide or a shaman in traditional communities - is a unique quality in facilitation. I believe he is capable to take any group of people, no matter how diverse, to a shared outcome"

Tanja Kerlo | co-founder & President, The Value Web

"Working with Michel has been a truly wonderful experience. He is a great listener and creates the space for generative dialogue. His playful way of being makes it easy to collaborate and weave together the different methodologies we each practice to create the best experience possible. Facilitating with Michel is fun and natural, just like a dance!"

Hinnerk Hansen | Global Director, Impact Hub Network

"I've had the pleasure to witness the work of Michel in many different roles and contexts over the past decade. And whether he realized his own visions as an entrepreneur, guided communities at pivotal moments or facilitated complex change processes - he always did so with a very high level of energy, compassion and commitment, not shying away to challenge himself and others to come to insights that really matter and create solutions that are meant to last"

Paul Chatterton | Founder & Director, Landscape Finance Lab

"Michel is a magician! I know of no other facilitator or change agent who can so economically, elegantly and joyously create group transformation. Michel draws on a deep and wide experience as well as a remarkable tool kit to make major change look natural and easy"