My work

I work with a variety of network organizations to help build community and grow a culture of genuine co-creation: encouraging people to show up fully, take responsibility and share their gifts. Below is a selection of recent engagements to give you a better sense of what I do. 


Co-creating an Open Innovation community within wwf

The Worldwide Fund for Nature recently restructured their international network around global practices such as Climate, Forests and Oceans. I was invited to help kick-start an open innovation community that can accelerate breakthrough solutions within and across those practices. 

Working closely with the global Head of People Development, we gathered 30+ of WWF's leading innovators from across the network and helped them create a movement to make the organization's new slogan "Together Possible" a reality. The Pandapreneurs were born and we launched a variety of experiments to foster network-wide collaboration: 

  • Prototyping virtual conferences to accelerate the sharing of best practices at scale
  • Hosting virtual case clinics to foster peer-to-peer learning across the network
  • Introducing Fuckup Nights at conferences to encourage learning from failure

As a result, the network has become much more adept at learning through virtual formats and experimenting with new ways of working together towards impact at scale.


Re-Imagining the league of intrapreneurs

The League of Intrapreneurs is building a movement to create systems change from within influential institutions. I was invited to facilitate their evolution towards a global learning community with a sustainable business model.

Over the course of two years, I facilitated three gatherings with the League's team, members and partners to re-imagine their operating model. The result was a global membership offer that facilitates peer-learning and critical connections among a carefully curated cohort of leading intrapreneurs from all around the world.  Besides, a vision for a distributed delivery model for regional partner organizations emerged. The key was to think of the League as a true learning organization where everyone shows up as a co-creator rather than a passive participant. 

Today, the League is on track to become a sustainable organization that can deliver on its mission. Watch this video from the last gathering I facilitated to learn more. 



BMW Foundation-1st 2nd Day-0136.jpg

atlantic 3.jpg

co-creating the atlantic fellows community

The Atlantic Institute has the mandate to connect the 6 Atlantic Fellows programs to build a life-long global community of leaders who work towards social equity in their region.  I was invited to help create the foundation of this community.

We gathered 30+ fellows from different programs for a 3-day co-creation journey. On the first day, we explored each other's stories and listened deeply to the hopes, doubts and passions that people shared for coming together as a community. We then created a 3D model of how we envisioned the community and used the Community Canvas to map out the various building blocks for making it happen together. On the final day, we worked on concrete experiments that will bring the community to life over the coming months, e.g. using Cobudget to collaboratively allocate funds. 

The fellows are now prototyping their way forward and I will keep supporting them on their journey towards becoming a vibrant community of mutual support & learning for a more inclusive world.